Sunday, April 6, 2008

Can you hear me now?

Just trying out mobile publishing. If this works, I will have a whole new reason to be addicted to my crackberry.

Home Safe and Sound

So we did our first camping trip in the Element. We survived hours of rain, chilly temps and two tornadoes touching down within miles of us.

We were combining a camping trip with a dog show at a state park in Brierfield, AL. Nothing great to report from the conformation side of the dog show, but Scout did get her second qualifying score in Rally under less than optimal conditions. She was a pretty good sport about sitting her delicate little butt down in standing water, after much begging on my part. She did a lovely 270 left in water up to her belly.

During the rain Friday afternoon, we retreated into the Element, Spencer and I lounging on the bed and Scout opting for the covered patio (otherwise known as the crate on the tailgate.)
We slept great at night. I thought I would have trouble going to bed early - getting to sleep and staying asleep - but I slept longer and better than I ever thought I would. The dogs did great too. On Friday night, Scout hopped in the crate and slept there, while Spencer snuggled with me on the bed. On Saturday, they switched.
I'm not ready to trade in the big new tempurpedic, but we'll definitely go element camping again.