Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Is it just me . . .

Or is anyone else having trouble posting comments on blogger blogs?  Every time I try, I select to use my google id, which used to work just fine.  Now it sends me to blogger login page, and I put in my gmail address and pw, it takes me back to the comment page, I enter the goofy word, hit enter and sends me back to blogger log in page again.

Does this happen to anyone else?  Of course, if it does, you can't leave me a message here and tell me, can you?   Argghhhh!

Anyhow - I am trying to post to several of your blogs, but for some reason google/blogger won't let me!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

I have the opportunity for a Saturday night with two good looking fellows - actually, two international men of mystery.  Unfortunately, the opportunities are on the same Saturday night but not in the same city.

The choices are:

Sex on a stick,
(his words, not mine)


Chews on a stick.

On June 25, Maksim Chmerkovskiy will return to Chattanooga to host a benefit for Partnership for Families, Children and Adults. Laura and I went last year and had a ball. Maks was an absolute doll. He seemed to have a great time and raised a boatload of money, even auctioning off his pants.

However, I had been planning to take Sally to her first show in Richmond VA that weekend - and visit Big Nick and Liz.

What to do?????

Easy choice - we're coming to you, Nick!

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Birthday to Spencer and Wilson!

I can't believe my boy is 8 years old today!  A little greyer in the face, but still acts like a puppy when it's dinnertime.  He's my first cardigan, and it's thanks to him that I ended up with the other two, as well as the legion of good "dog" friends, including you who are reading this now.

As an aside (with a purpose for this post), I generally try not to talk much on my blog about things that are not going so well.  I have posted before about my mom's health, but not much lately, as she continues to decline with what was orignally diagnosed as vascular dementia, and now appears to be combined with Alzheimer's as well.  For the most part, she does not have a good grip on the reality of the world around her, but every once in a while she comes up with some nuggets of gold.

A few weeks ago I was visiting her and I was talking about the dogs, telling her about how big Sally was getting, etc.  Out of the blue, she came up with one of those nuggets - she said, "You will never have another one who looks after you like Spencer does."  It brought tears to my eyes.  In fact it brings them now just thinking about it.

And she is exactly right.  Spencer is spoiled, spoiled, spoiled.  He gets away with way too much.  But he is devoted to me and is the dog of my heart like no other will ever be.  Happy Birthday big guy! (and brother Wilson too!)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fun with sheep

Today Scout and Sally and I had a fun day with sheep.  I had read in our kennel club newsletter about a Herding Instinct test not too far away from us.  My original intention was just to test Sally, but after corresponding with the instructor, I decided to enter Scout in the workshop as well. 

Scout's last experience with sheep was over three years ago - I really wanted to enter Scout in the Herding Titled Bitch competition at the 2008 specialty, and she needed one more HT leg.  I had suffered a back injury in 2007 and had back surgery that knocked me for a loop for a while.  I tried to work with Scout at Susan's, but I just couldn't do it, so Susan agreed to try to get that last leg for me.

They didn't have really any opportunity to work together before (strike one) and then on test day, Scout was in RAGING heat (strike 2), but thanks to Susan's skill and persistence and a very generous judge, Scout got her second leg. and went on to win Best Herding Titled Bitch at the next two specialties.

So, I was not so sure about how she would do today, but with some good advice from the herding instructor, Scout did very well today.  She said that I really should work her - she felt Scout has the potential to be a good herding dog.  And I had a really good time today - I hope we can get back into it.

Later Sally did a instinct test.  The first thing she had me do was sit Sally on a sheep's back while she held the sheep against the fence.  Sally looked at me, like "lady, I don't think this is what I am supposed to do with them!"

The she had me put her on a long line and walk her around the fence line moving the sheep around.  She sniffed around some, but mostly followed along.  I dropped the rope and she kept moving some, sniffing some.  The instructor told everyone, "she's just a little puppy, this is probably all she will do today, but she is showing interest. 

About that time, one of the sheep turned around and challenged her a bit, and all of a sudden the light came on.  Sally said, "I don't think so, you Ewe you!  Turn around and and get back to work!"  After that, the chase was on.

I caught back up with her and asked the instructor to come back in the ring and work her so that I could watch and video.  By the time I got the camera and started shooting, she was beginning to wear out, but here she is:

Thursday, May 19, 2011

We've been robbed!

Anybody see this on The Daily Corgi?    Laurie has removed it - thanks Laurie!

Look familiar??
This is Scout doing a herding instinct test at the 2006 National Specialty.  Someone robbed it and photoshopped their dog into the picture.


Updated:  Check this out!    I can't believe it!      The page has now been removed, but lives on forever via google.

Off topic note to Ocho-owners:  Scout was 6 months old in this picture.  If you enlarge it, you will have a better idea of the wackadoodle coat she had at this age.  Soon as she blew that puppy coat, she put on the gorgeous coat that she has today!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Uncle Grump, what big teeth you have!

Spence and Sally playing scary face.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

OK! More Sally!

Grandma Penni and Aunt Cheryl demanded more!

Look at my cute butt!
Kinda sorta almost a stack.
The makings of a Dolly Parton chest?
I think this would qualify as a stack!
On the move.
Just for grins - wrasslin with Uncle Spencer.

Sally Shots

OK - I finally recharged the battery on camera and snapped a few pics of Sally-wags last night.

Sally and Mama lounging before bedtime:

I want all the bones!

Love me some breakfast:

And this one is for Taryn, who is always amazed that Spence and Scout eat side by side. They don't even mind when the other sticks his/her nose into her/his bowl for the last bites. I am blessed. And lucky.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Long time no post

It's just been busy around here.  As usual, the first month of a quarter was just as hectic as ever.  Also had friends and family visiting, the big weather event, the royal wedding, NBA playoffs - let's see - what other excuses can I make?

Anyway, I am here to report that the CrateMate 2.0 is now a sight to behold. 

A new platform that holds two so-called "SUV crates" - 36 inch crates just a smidge narrower than standard (which of course makes them more expensive) so that two will fit side by side, and have doors on both ends.  The platform is a little taller and wider giving more storage area below.

Spencer and Scout have always traveled together in the same crate, so now they get to play rock-paper-scissors to see who gets the crate all to themselves.

For comparison, here is CrateMate 1.0:

And I'll try to do better posting.  I still owe Ocho updates on Lowri and Sally.  Of course, Lowri has her own blog.  Poor Sally, the third child - I just don't get around to making pictures like I used to.  I will try to do better.