Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Long, Busy Weekend

We have been running back and forth to Calhoun, GA since Thursday so Spencer and Scout could do their dwarf-basenji imitations and run in the AKC's first lure coursing trial open to non-sighthounds.  The puppies made the trip each day and were perfect little travelers and charmed everyone they met.

The brindles love their soft red pillow.

Spencer and Scout had a ball and did their breed proud. Everyone loved watching the short dogs run. They are the first cardis to earn the Coursing Ability (CA) title and Scout is the first Grand Champion to earn it as well.

It was also a big weekend for Tommy - he went home to his new home with Betty. Tommy is now Mockingbird It's the Magic in Me, and he is keeping the call name Tommy as well.

Now that I am down to three, I put up the big puppy pan and brought the small one back out again. The last time it was used, they looked like this.

So, for one more week, it is the Tres Amigos. Liz - you better hurry - notice Nick has an ear at half-mast!
David's ears have been up for a good bit - but Miss Sally is not even thinking about lifting hers yet - c'mon girlfriend - get with the program!

Pink Sofa full of 8 week old pups

From our photo shoot a few weeks ago.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mean Hooman

Those of you who tune into the puppy cam may notice a couple of changes.  Tonight I had to liberate the poor sock monkey bed.  He has a large hole in his head, and his brains were being tossed about the pen. 

Then I looked over and saw that Intrepid Tommy strikes again:

Then Nick decides it's time to play King of the Mountain:

So the little playhouses came out of the pen, too. 

What will they think of next??

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Puppy Personalities - College Edition

I am so happy that the puppies have left me gradually - I would have killed me to send them all away at once.  Now I am down to four - Tommy will leave this weekend, Big Nick the next weekend, and then I will have David another week and a half. 

I rush home from work every day so that we can all go out in the yard - they are at a very entertaining stage right now.  Scout loves to play with them  - sometimes she gets the zoomies and zips figure eights all around the place and puppies have a ball chasing her.  Spencer is even warming up to them now that they are little dogs.  He hasn't actually played with them, but he lets them snuggle up to him as long as they use their good manners.

Their personalities are coming out now.  Today I thought that I could see who they would be if they were college students (bear with me here - it's just how it struck me):

David is that really cute, kind of quiet, serious engineering student.  Always thinking.  Can cut loose and have fun, but can also be counted on to be the designated driver.

Tommy is that freckle-faced freshman who looks (and acts) like a kid.  Loud-mouth, but funny as heck.  Always in the middle of everything.  Loves it when the other guys roll him and chew on his head.

Sally is the pretty but still a little gawky tomboy, who is not burdened by anything serious.  The good girl - who will run and play outside for an hour after dinner, then comes back in and goes straight to the litter box, because it would just be too gross to actually potty outside.  (OK - college girls don't do that - or at least they didn't back in my day.)

And then, there's Nick.  Big Nick.  Nick is the Ole Miss Sigma Chi frat boy. (hoddy toddy gawdawmighty who the hell are we?)  Wearing a pink button down oxford shirt that has been washed a million times and is stretched a bit tight around his cute little start at a beer belly, a pint of Jack Daniels in the hip pocket of his khaki pants, a devastating smile - the life of the party, doing keg stands until he passes out flat on his back.

Meet Gingersnap!

This is the girl who used to be Joanie. Kathy says she is fitting in well with her pack and has completely charmed her husband, Larry. She has mastered coming in the doggie door, but apparently going out is still a work in progress.

Monday, February 21, 2011

More Farm Adventures with Lowri

Lowri is living the life Scout always dreams of.
To read the rest of this story, visit Gramma Penni's blog.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Puppy fka Mary - is now Alli

Here's a couple of pics of Alli with her new girl - can't wait to see these two redheads in the Juniors ring together!

Remember how I blamed our excessive winter weather on The Ocho? Well, guess who is now getting blamed for the 14 inches expected in MN today?

Thanks Diana for the pictures!!

Puppy Playtime Video

Mix a lazy Sunday morning, four sweet puppies, their mama who loves to play with them and Uncle Grump who barely tolerates them - with a hooman with a new Flip HD video camera - and you get lots of bits of puppy playing on CardiTube

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Seis, Cinco, Quattro

The countdown continued today.  My old friend Kathy Metcalfe came down from Louisville and picked up the newest member of her pack, the puppy formerly known as Joanie Baloney.  She will now formally be known as Mockingbird Wyncrest's I Believe in Magic.  Kathy is still thinking about a call name.
Whatever her name is, she is sure to have a bunch of titles on both ends of her name.  Kathy and her pack do it all - in fact, Kathy is getting ready to go to the Eukanuba National Agility Championship Invitational in March with her Flirt.

See that crate in Kathy's picture?  Well, as I type, little Mary is in that crate on her way to Minnesota where she is going to have her very own junior handler.  Mary will be co-owned by the 3Ms:  Marla, Mackenzie and Madison.  I hear that Madison is also interested in agility and obedience too.  Mary's flight has landed in Chicago and I will not rest until I know that she has been picked up by Diana and Mac. 

The pups spent the day playing in the yard.  I have puppy proofed the fence and feel comfortable giving them free run of the front yard (as long as I am out there with them!)  They are good and tired (and of course, tired means good) and snoozing away.  I wonder it they notice that their numbers are dwindling.

Don't miss this!

Elizabeth over at "The Chronicles of Cardigan" is doing a fun project today to raise money for DM Research. Be sure to drop in and play along!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lowri at Home

On Sunday, Lowri met her ducks:

And on Monday, she and Kearney watched Westminster:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Olivia and Friends

Olivia lives across the street from me.  She came over Sunday afternoon to play with the pups.

Joanie and Mary gave her lots of kisses.

Abby liked swinging on her pigtails.

Sally gets a big hug.

David shows off his big boy ears.

Tommy and Nick agree - kids taste good!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Ocho, Siete, Seis . . . . . .

The babies are beginning to make their way out into the world.  There were only 6 little heads in the pan for tonight's midnight snack.

On Saturday, Laurie became Lowri (Welsh for laurel), officially Mockingbird Elyan Magic Moment.  Lowri will be co-owned by Susan, Gramma Penni and Cheryl, and live and train in East Tennessee with Susan. She has already had a look at the ducks and has a new best buddy in fellow cardi, Kearney.

Tonight, Abby headed home to Birmingham, AL with Tiffany and Jay. She will be registered as Mockingbird Black Magic Woman, but Tiffany and Jay are going to take a little time to find the perfect call name.

Big Nick is sticking around a little bit longer, but will soon be headed to Virginia with Liz, aka Builder Mama.  Liz came down for the Puppy Party this weekend and fell in love.  Be sure to add her to your blogroll so you can keep up with with Nick and her other cardi, Rufus.  Nick will be registered as Mockingbird Could This Be Magic.

David will be "living like a king" according to his new owner, Alex. They will split their time between Kentucky and Florida, where Alex stays busy with racehorses. David will be Mockingbird Magical Mystery Tour.

Mary will be going to Scout's breeder Marla soon. 

Joanie and Tommy aren't quite ready to make their announcements yet - stay tuned!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tub o' Pups @ Puppy Party

I was trying to come up with a way to contain the pups for photo ops.  I went to Tractor Supply and bought a stock tank - and really,  could there be a more appropriate way to showcase the pups of two herding maniacs?  Here's Scout, Chase, and their kids:

(most of these pics were stolen from gramma penni)

Introducing Mockingbird Practical Magic, "Sally"

The puppy formerly known as Susan is staying here to play with her Momma and hopefully charm her Uncle Grump Spencer.  She's as spunky and sweet as Scout was when she came to live with us. 

I had so much fun at our Puppy Party yesterday.  So many new and old friends were here, and I think everyone enjoyed each other's company and of course, playing with the pups.  I will post more details and pictures soon!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chase, Scout and the Ocho

Chase is still chasing his girlfriend! Here's Scout, Chase and their kids in stock tank.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Fair Warning

I am going to be pitiful this week.  Today is the last Monday I will ever come home and see all these sweet faces.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Suber Bowl!

We had our own version of the Puppy Bowl - an Open House where the pups could get to meet lots of new folks.  Here are some pics from the day:

They got lots of love and snuggles and all handled it beautifully.  Scout is enjoying being with her puppies again.  Yesterday we had a photoshoot and Scout had so much fun playing with her pups.  She teased them with a stick to get them to chase her - it was such a hoot.  The photographer had a great time too - here is what she posted on her blog.  That's Abby and Laurie snuggling with her.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's been a busy week

Or at least that is my excuse for not getting more pictures posted. I can't believe the babies are already almost 8 weeks old. They have a busy weekend planned. Saturday we are going to visit a pet photographer to get some pics of the pups and their mom. Sunday we are having our own version of the "Puppy Bowl" - we're having an Open House in the afternoon for the local friends to drop in for a nosh and a puppy squeeze.

And then the next weekend, OMG!!! They start heading to their forever homes. The crack you hear is my heart.

Anyhow - here is some cute. This is how they looked last Sunday evening after spending time playing outside:

How cute is this.

Pretty Miss Susan

Joanie, David and Tommy

Not a great picture - but I wanted to show how David is the first to have serious lift in an ear. He is carrying it around like this tonight.