Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Sewing/Exercise Room

I recently reclaimed the cat's room and set it up for sewing and exercise. I saw the wall unit in the Pottery Barn catalog a long time ago and thought it would be a good addition, and I was really happy when they put it on closeout - which made it almost affordable.

I also wanted something else I saw in the Pottery Barn catalog, a work space made of two bookshelves with a table top spanning them. I went a different direction when I found this table at Target. I had completely missed this pub table dining room table trend, but this table is great as a project table in a small room. It is perfect height for cutting fabric, and has a butterfly leaf that easily expands the size of the table when needed.

And finishing up the Pottery Barn obsession, when I saw this lamp in the store, I had to have it. It puts bright light right over my workspace - I love it.

I've got a small flatscreen tv with dvd player in the corner, which I can watch while I work or workout. The elliptical trainer is there, and I have a rack of weights in the corner you can't see.

This is a small, oddly shaped room, but I like what's going on there now.

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