Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spencer's Honest Scrap

Dawn tagged me to do Honest Scrap - she did it from Magic's point of view because she had been tagged by Rah, so it only seemed right for me to post from Spencer (Caduceus Spencer Batrille CD HT RAE2 OAP NJP):

1. I was the first born in my litter.
2. My owner is not nearly as smart as I am, but I put up with her (she seems to an adequate hunter-gatherer) and I work on training her daily.
3. I love my adopted sister Scout more than anything in the world. She is a great pillow for my head.
4. I could sit up prairie dog style by the time I was 8 weeks old and learned quickly that the hoomans think it is so cute and it often pays off with treats.
5. As smart as I am, I am often confused by concrete "yard art" animals and have embarrassed myself more than once by barking at them.
6. After I finished my CD, I thought she would let me off the hook on doing boring boring boring obedience. When she continued to take me into the obedience ring in Open, I gave her the paw in every way I could until she finally threw up her hands and stopped entering me in trials.
7. On my third birthday, she told me that if I would go out that day and Double Q in Rally to finish my RAE, she would never ask me to do rally again. She lied. I forgave her.
8. I am a couch potato.
9. I do not trust German Shepherds.
10. If I had thumbs, I could rule the world.


doberkim said...

you guys make me want a cardigan SO BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dawn said...

OH Spencer, wow, you are now my IDOL for number 6 alone! I strive to do as well. Magic

Jeri said...


Sarah said...

Deer Spencer,

My mom sed the same kinda thingy about obeed-e-ence. She sed if I get my CDX, dat's it. Well, she lied too, and den she twies to embaress me by entering me at a show wen she nebber did pwactice wiff me, and once wen I just had a big toof extwacted en I coodn't hold dat dumbell reel gud.

The twoof about moms is simple. Mom's lie. They lie a lot.

But we wuv dem, and we don't hold it agenst dem, well, most of the time.

Yer fwend, Kane