Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Holiday Exchange Update - and updated again!

Just to answer a few questions:

Gift or Ornament Exchange?  Ornament!  But of course, if you decide to slip a little something extra or different in your package, that's up to you!

Secret or not?  I guess it would be a secret until you reveal yourself when you send it.  A point of this is to make/renew friendships - hard to do that if they don't know who you are!

Your recipient's address - if my email to you did not include an address, let me know, because I have everyone's address.  Gmail seems to be a little persnickity on forwarding a thread of email, or maybe I'm just dumb.

Is it too late?  - I have heard that some intended to join but missed the deadline, and another beat the deadline but her email landed in the Spam box and I didn't notice.  If anyone still wants to play, email cardibloggerholidayxchange ^~at~^ gmail and I will try to hook everyone up.


Dayna Dawn Small (aka Barter) said...

Hi Janet,
Sorry not to reply out of email, but Yahoo is being hinky with me today. I checked my sent folder, and I emailed on 10/27. I took a gander at my Spam folder just in case a reply went there for some reason, but there wasn't one.

Oh well. Maybe next year.

penni said...

Thank you for setting up the exchange, Janet. I've not yet told my "partner" who she is, but the time for revelation will come! Once I found out who my partner was, I could focus on how to surprise her.

Janet said...

Dawn - I had not checked my Spam folder, but I just did and there you were! (I also just found out that I have been selected to receive all kinds of money and jewelry from 3 differnt people - it's my lucky day!)

Anyhow - I am so sorry that I missed it! This has been a learning experience - we'll do better next year!