Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Day with Twitter: Watching a gawd-awful mall pet store go down on modern media

This morning I caught a thread of tweets from a go-getter reporter for the local NBC affiliate.  I started following @calliestarnes during the coverage of a local trial of a school teacher accused (and acquitted) of 22 counts of child molestation.  Callie sat through 22 days of testimony and tweeted all through it. Since then I get quite a kick out her daily tweets - she has mastered integrating social media into investigative reporting.

But, as usual, I digress.  A little background on the following - McKamey is our local animal shelter.  They raided a pet store in a local mall this morning - here are Callie's tweets:

McKamey busy again today. Field crews are raiding pet store in Hamilton Place Mall, removing all pets. I've been on the scene since 8 am.

Security doesn't want media here. Sent a mall cop to tell me I'm not allowed to video in area without consent. My calls not returned.

Mall cop & CPD officer made me leave. Told me I can park on interstate. They really don't want public to see what's happening in pet store.

View from interstate ramp-staying put http://twitpic.com/1x0fau

Have you worked at the Pet Company at Hamilton Place or purchased an animal from there? If so, email me at cstarnes@wrcbtv.com

Finally got call from Ham. Place spokesperson. Says I am being made to park on interstate for "safety of shoppers". What about my safety?

Ham. Place says they never received complaints about Pet Company. I directed them to petition online w/4,000+ names asking them to close it.

Just met and interviewed a follower that was inside the mall. Says Pet Company is swarming with investigators taking pictures.

Pets unloaded at McKamey http://twitpic.com/1x16h5

Pet Company filed motion for emergency order of desist. If granted, pets will go to other store in Atl. Both sides in hearing with Judge

Mckamey and Pet Company before a judge. Store's attorney wants judge to order animals be given back.

Joe Burns, employee of TN Dept. of Agriculture, testifies about "filthy" conditions in pet store. Calls situation "neglect".

Karen Walsh, McKamey Executive Dir., says Pet Company is not safe for animals.

RT @KNicholson87: Go to www.wrcbtv.com for a look inside Hamilton Place at the now empty pet store

Judge taking a few mins to look over statute that McKamey works under. Soon to find out is animals will be returned.

Judge rules in favor of McKamey.

Here's the story on WRCB


Debra said...

Wow I didn't realize that there were still Mall Pet stores in the area. The one's in the Nashville area are all closed from what I have seen. Which is a good thing. Pets need to be loved and cuddled on.

Ava said...

Google "petition to close Pet Company" and add your name to the growing number of signatures. This place needs to close or to stop selling live animals.