Saturday, July 10, 2010

First watermelon

Jinnie is always posting pics of her pack enjoying watermelon. I picked up a quarter melon today at the market, and after I ate what I wanted, I cut it in half and took it outside for the dogs.  Scout loved it when I feeding her bites, but she just didn't get the trick of eating it from the rind. Spencer quickly cleaned his to the
rind, and then started eating the rind, which I took away from him. Sometimes he has a delicate stomach, and I hope I don't pay the price for this treat later tonight.

Of course, then Spencer wanted Scout's, but even tho she didn't want it, she sure didn't want him to have it! So, before things got really ugly, I picked it up and dug the rest of the good stuff out for them and threw the rinds away.


Taryn said...

Wilson and Jimmy both love watermelon. I haven't put it down on the ground for them to ravage yet though, as I don't want to clean sticky fur!

Anonymous said...

Oh you took away the best part! The Solstice dogs are happy to have passed along their summer secret. We have watermelon growing in the garden just for them, they are fist sized now. The gang had one last night and as is normal not a bit remained. They don't really get sticky, maybe pink lips for awhile.

Elbeepem said...

OMG...I can't let Sage see this. He is the biggest fruit fan I've ever seen.

I can be preparing raw chicken and he pays no attention. But the minute I start to peel a piece of fruit, I hear a little noise and there he is, gaze fixed on the fruit, nose bumping my leg. I think he would probably eat a whole watermelon if he ever got the chance (NOT!)