Sunday, February 5, 2012

Her Crowning Achievement

Home! After a long show weekend it's nice to be back home. The house was so stuffy I opened windows and retreated to the porch to watch the dogs frap a bit on their home turf.

On the drive home, I reflected on Scout's "career" - lots of which was never supposed to happen. I did not get Scout as a "show prospect." I got her as a pet, performance dog, and companion for Spencer. Her breeder suggested going ahead and showing her for fun while I waited her to grow up and do other things.

At six months old, I took her to our first specialty. On the way to Fort Mitchell, I stopped in Gray TN and showed her in an all breed show, just so that my first time in a conformation ring would be somewhere other than the National Specialty. Ungroomed little Scout got her first Reserve. At the Specialty, she made it to the final cut of eight in a huge 6-9 month class.

She picked up points here and there for the next several months. She went Best in Sweeps at the big Lexington Labor Day Weekend show. On the day before she finished, she got her first BOB over specials and her first Group 2.

As a special, there were many high points - two group 1s, several group 2s and 4s, but oddly enough, no Group 3s that I can remember. She was twice Best Herding Titled Bitch at Nationals, was Runnerup to Best in the Megan (Cadno Award) and second Award of Merit. She was BOS at Western Reserve and Westminster, and recently got second Award of Excellence at the AKC National Championship.

Scout has been showing sporadically over the last year and a half - taking time off to have puppies, and I was very surprised when she qualified for Eukanuba in the top 25 and even more surprised when we got an invitation last week for the Top Twenty match at the Three Rivers Specialty in Kansas City. She is only a few points away from her Bronze Grand Champion status.

I thought of all this today as I reflected on what may be Scout's crowning achievement. She produced (with a little help from Chase :p) a daughter who could best her. Today little Lowri, not quite 14 months old, took Best of Breed over specials including her mama. She went on to show well in group competition and made the cut in a very strong Herding Group.

Afterwards a friend came up to congratulate me, but said "too bad it had to be over Scout." I told her that was not the case at all. I bred Scout because I knew that she had something to contribute to the future of the breed. Today we saw the first glimpse of that. I could not be any prouder of Scout than I am today.

Today was Lowri's day, and I look forward to more great days from her, Tommy, Ginger, Alli and maybe even my goofball Sally in the conformation ring. And of course, all of them, including Abby, David and Big Nick, are champions of the heart to the wonderful families who love them, and that does my heart good as well.

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bluefoxtn said...

This is an extraordinary litter, Janet, and you and Scout have definitely contributed to this breed! I am so lucky to have a part in showing this lovely young daughter of Ms. Scout and Mr. Chaseman! She's totally delightful and a credit to both of her parents. I know how proud you are of all of the Ocho--deservedly so!

penni said...

Lowri is a product of our two good dogs. I think she is better than they are. . . And that's why we breed. Thank you Janet for your faith in Chase. The kids are doing wonderfully.

Kathy said...

Brought tears to my eyes

SMShields said...

That is wonderful, Janet! Thank you so much for letting her come live with me. Scout produced some beautiful puppies. Not only are they beautiful to look at, they are delightful to live with.

Lani said...

Great post!

Taryn said...

I second Lani....Great post!

Builder Mama said...

That post got me all teary. I was explaining to The Huz yesterday that every time one of the Ocho does something, it makes me so proud. And not just because they are extraordinary dogs, but they come with some pretty fantastic people attached that I consider my friends. I'm so happy for everyone and their success in and out of the ring!

Claire said...

Great post!

Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful tribute, not just to Scout and her babies, but to the whole breed (I mean this is really what it's all about).

Congratulations to you and Scout (and Lowri and Sally and Tommy...and the remaining five and their dad, Chase)!

Awesome dogs!

P.S. Have fun in Richmond and in NY!

Becky said...

I felt the love. How proud you must be of all of them.

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