Thursday, July 17, 2008

A sad day

Who would have thought that Scout being gone on her adventure would almost be the bright spot of the day? My old lady cat Cosette is nearing her end of life. At 18+ years, she has had a long and pretty healthly life. Just last week she was going about business, swatting Spencer when he needed it, cleaning Scout's ears and jumping in the shower with me (Cosette never got the memo that cats don't like water.)

The last few days she has gone down quickly. She won't eat this morning, even yogurt which she loves. She has eaten little for the last couple of days.

I got Cosette as tiny kitten in March, 1990. She joined Elliott, a big brown tabby who lived until I had him put down on the Saturday before Labor Day, 2005. I waited much too long to help Elliott over the bridge - he was sick for a long time before I let him go. I promised that I would never do that again, and I am feeling that now is the time to let her go.

I think Spencer is wondering where Scout is this morning. He had a restless night, and was Grumpy McGrump this morning. When I let him out this morning, rather than doing his business in the upper yard as he usually does, he ran down to the back yard where Scout usually goes and was doing alot of sniffing around. He's probably also keying in on what's going on with Cosy. I think I'll take him to daycare rather than leaving here today.

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Dawn said...

I am sorry about your Kitty, Janet. I will have you both in my thoughts today as you say your goodbyes. Hugs.