Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mom Update

Mom is leaving Siskin tomorrow. Medicare only pays for 3 weeks of post-hospitalization rehab. She is going to a skilled nursing facility nearby which specializes in stroke rehab. Luckily this place is right here in my little town (right across the street from Wally's for those of you who love their breakfast buffet!)

Mom has made great strides over the last week and a half. She is now walking unassisted and is climbing stairs. She can move herself from bed to chair and has learned to dress herself, even tho she still can't do anything with her left hand. (We hear the use of the hand is the last thing to come back.)

She had a little rough patch after being there about a week, which we have pretty much attributed to being caused by medication. NOTE: if doctors suggest that your elderly parent take Lyrica for neuro pain - know that vivid, debilitating nightmares seem to be a fairly common side effect in the elderly.

Once we got that our of her system, she became a rehabbing fireball. She has worked so hard and is determined to get to where she can go back home and live on her own again.


Dawn said...

Thats wonderful news. Hopefully every day will see more improvement.

RegentCardis said...

It's great to hear that your Mom is doing better.