Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Dwarf Basenji

A couple of weeks ago, we had an all breed show here in Chattanooga. The same weekend and in the same park, there is also an AKC Lure Coursing trial. Lure coursing competition is limited to sighthounds, but after competition is completed for the day, sometimes they allow other dogs to run the course.

Spencer is obsessed with lure coursing. We have friends who have lure coursing equipment and sometimes, when we beg enough, they will set it up so that we can play. As soon as he hears that "zip zip zip" sound that it makes, every nerve in his body springs to attention.

So - we managed to get to the lure coursing field just as they were running Best in Field. I checked in at the show tent and they said sure - little guy can have a run. So we wandered over the course start, and a very doubtful fellow took one look at Spencer's little short legs and laughed. But then he noticed that Spencer had locked his eyes on the plastic bags tied to the cable (the "prey"), and the guy wiggled the wire enough to make the bags rustle. Spencer just about jumped out of his skin.

He asked me how much of the course I thought Spence would do. "All of it," I replied. He looked doubtful, but said ok and jumped up in the back of his truck where he could see the whole course and run the lures.

As soon as I let go of Spencer, he took off and ran his heart out. He covered the entire course and when he finished a huge cheer went up from the hound folks.

As we were leaving, I ran into a couple of handlers I know from Obedience who ran their deerhounds at the trial. One said, "Thanks for embarassing us - your corgi just finished a course our hounds couldn't run!"

The trial photographer was still there and got some great pics here, here and here.

BTW - this field and the rest of the park is now underwater after the floods we had over the weekend.


penni said...

Lure coursing is huge fun -- and our guys really know how to keep their eyes on the prize.

Been reading about your rain. Is your place okay?

Janet said...

I am up on a ridge so no chance of flooding at my house. I didn't lose any trees, but there were some nearby that fell as a result of all the rain.

Jeri said...

Way to show em how it's done, Spence!

dreameyce said...

WHEE! Congrats!

I can't view the pics though... darn! Are you ordering them, and posting them on your blog?

Lybertygirl said...


Dawn said...

Yeah Spencer. Lure coursing is Magics favorite too! You get to run and chase, what could possibly be better!

Claire said...

Bobby is similarly obsessed. He sees the little prey bags and just about loses his little mind. Our local cardi club had a fellow come out with his coursing rig last year-little Bobby was hooked. Plays hell with his herding, though. One good session with the white plastic bags and he loses all of his religion when he sees sheep.

Taryn said...

Great photos! Looks like a really fun way for a dog to get exercise, too. I would love to try that with my guys someday. The white bags would be especially alluring because my neighbor has a white cat that is both boys' favorite chase toy! So anything white means a good chase!

Red Dog Mom said...

Great pics. There's one of him head on - before he's running - where he could be his daddy. Never realized how much he looks like Will.

Lani said...

Maggie and I are SO jealous. She would love lure coursing!

Go Spencer - show 'em how it's done!