Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Who wants a visit from Cardi Claus?

OK - Halloween has passed, so the retailers say we are officially now in the "holiday season."  So, it must be time to start preparing for a visit by the jolly little Cardi Claus!

For those who have not participated before, we started doing this a few years ago as a way to make new cardi friends across the miles and share a little holiday cheer.  The original intent was to do an ornament exchange.  Folks let me know that they wanted to play, and sent their delivery details and a little information about their pack.  Once I had everyone's information, Cardi Claus would study the information and try to match up folks with each other, share information, and let the fun commence.

It has always been fun to sit back and watch the fun.  Most who have participated have been bloggers in the past, and it has always been fun to check out each other's blogs and enjoy each others surprises that showed up in the mail.

For the most part, response has been enthusiastic - in fact in some cases, hugely so.  While just intended to an ornament exchange, some folks also tucked in a treat or two for the dogs.  Others went way over the top and  sent what can only be compared to a Harry and David's Super Colossal Tower of Treats for hooman and dog.  And, unfortunately, a very few said they wanted to participate, and then just faded away, leaving their intended recipient empty handed.

So, shall we do it again?  In my post yesterday, I have already heard that there is interest!  So, let's go - and here are the rules:

1.     First, if you sign up to play, please don't disappoint us by not following through.

2.  Let me know by November 15 that you want to participate.  Email cardiclaus at gmail.com (a new address this year) with the following information:
Your name
Shipping address
Phone number
Information about your pack
Any other information about you that will help your Cardi Claus get to know you a little better (think about what you would like to learn about your intended recipient!)

And just to clear up something that sometimes confuses new participants.  I will send you the name of the person you will play Cardi Claus for.  A different person will be your Cardi Claus – this way, everyone gets to make a holiday connection with two other people – the one you gift, and the one who gifts you!

         3.  By November 17, I will send you information about your recipient.  You will have a couple of weeks to get your package together, and then . . .

        4.  YOU WILL SHIP YOUR PACKAGE ON OR BEFORE DECEMBER 1.  Did everyone see that??  This to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to get their packages in time to really enjoy them!

And finally . . .

       5.  You are only committing to participating in an Ornament Exchange.  Any other goodies that you choose to include with your ornament  is entirely up to you.  No one who participates is anticipating any more than the opportunity to share holiday fun with you!  

So - let's play!  Please pass this along to other cardi folks who would like to join in!


penni said...

Me, me, me! It has been so much fun!

Becky said...

Ditto! What penni said.....

Jules said...

Awesome! So glad you are willing to coordinate this again! I already have my ornament! ;)

Holly said...

Yes! This was loads of fun!! Thanks for doing this again!

Tin Roof said...

I do! I do!! We've had so much fun doing this.

bluefoxtn said...

Okay! Sign me up, Cardi Claus!