Friday, June 20, 2008

Among My Favorite Things

I have always loved Mike McCartney's artwork and the doodads he sells. A couple of years ago on my first trip to the the big Louisville dog show, I was surprised to see him there doing custom work. When I was up there this past year, I decided to part with some of my hard earned annual bonus to immortalize Spencer and Scout.

Spencer went first. Mike asked about his personality. I described him as being far too smart for his own good. I also wanted a sheep in the picture since he is so crazy about them. While we were chatting, Spencer broke into his trademark sit-up, so that is what we ended up with. Several folks stopped by to watch the artist and to pet Spence, and several commented on the white tips of his ears, so Mike was sure to show those.

Scout was next, and I explained that Scout and Spencer were as different as night and day. Scout is happy happy happy all the time, and certainly not burdened by overthinking! I'm glad he added a duck in her picture, since she is such a nice little duck herder. He also did a great job getting her yard-long Yardican tongue.

I have these framed and hanging in my bedroom now. (I was going to take a picture of this, but the batteries are dead in my camera tonight.) Everytime I look at them, I smile.

Edited to add pic after batteries recharged:

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