Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happiness is a pair of well-socialized dogs

After a too long a period of self-imposed hermitness (hermitage?), I gathered the corgis, attached the coupler leash, and we went out on the town to Nightfall, our every Friday night free concert series. I found a parking place a couple of blocks away, amazingly close to where some friends parked, which saved me from walking back alone in the dark.

Spencer had been to Nightfall a few times, but I think this was Scout's first time. It's loud, with both music and the incessantly annoying banker, I mean BIKER, gangs showing off their obnoxiously loud Harleys and wearing their little leather costumes. It's also hot - too many people, too little air moving around. Sounds great, right? Actually, it's where everybody goes on Friday nights and I always run into lots friends.

It's also one of the few venues in Chattanooga where dogs are welcome, and several folks bring dogs along for the evening. The dogs that we see there are generally well behaved - they have to be well-socialized, confident dogs to be in this environment and not drive their owners crazy.

The cardis made me proud. Besides being exceedingly cute, they handled all of the noise and hustle-bustle beautifully. They got lots of attention and willingly took all of the pets and scritches offered. I was especially proud of Scout. Sometimes she can be a little distant with people, but she was eating up the attention.

It was a nice evening - we need to get out more often.

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