Saturday, December 20, 2008

Friends - Don't let me turn into this!

Confession time - I tend to have a cluttered car. Anyone who rides with me will probably have to wait a few minutes while I clear out junk mail, makeup and other stuff out of the passenger seat.

Today, after finally getting the Christmas packages for Neil and his girls delivered to the UPS Store, I decided to treat myself to a diet cranberry limeade at Sonic. I was sitting at a carhop slot, blackberrying Pioneer Woman's latest installment on the Lodge remodel, when I looked up and saw this car.

It's hard to tell from the phone foto - but this car is completely, COMPLETELY filled with junk. Papers and mail filled the passenger seat and all the way across the dash. The backseat and back of the wagon were filled to the roof with bags and plastic bottles and mosquito sticks (whatever they are - but they were pushed up against the window where I could read the package.)

I took a look around my car and suddenly the fear hit me - is that me in 20 years?? I'm counting on you, dear friends, to not let me turn into that!!

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Sarah said...

That is too funny! Just this afternoon after I got home from running an errand, I told Kane that we simply MUST clean out the car, I can't stand it anymore. I've travelled so much for work recently, eating a snack on the way to the airport, picking up a soda on the way home from the airport, and always too tired to take stuff out of the car. That photo has motivated me to get out there and do it today, not wait for tomorrow! I'll have to find the photo I took with my cell phone of a very interesting pick up truck that was parked at my local grocery store. It was definitely an eye-catcher!