Sunday, February 8, 2009

A $20 Patty Melt & a PETA encounter

We are staying at Dog Central - the Hotel Pennsylvania, which is just across the street from Madison Square Garden. About 2:30, Laura and I were hungry and decided to grab a quick bite and a cocktail at historic Lindy's Deli, which is in the hotel lobby. We were a bit taken aback at the prices, but it was a darn good burger.

Afterwards we shopped some of the vendors set up in the hotel lobby for the duration of the show. About the time we finished, Cheryl called and said she had just pulled up and was ready to unload.

We had heard that PETA planned to make their usual fuss over the plight of the poor showdogs. I was snapping a few photos of all the comings and goings while we waited for Cheryl's turn. I noticed there was a scruffy guy with some pretty expensive camera equipment making pictures too. However, it was soon evident that his intentions were not the same as mine. He kept skulking around and his shots seemed limited to dogs in crates.

As soon as Scout and Cheryl's other dogs were loaded on a dolly he moved in to get pictures. I stepped in front of him and said "No pictures of these dogs" he shot back that it was a public sidewalk and he could take pictures of whatever he wanted. I turned my back to him and blocked his view and told him he could just take pictures of my fat ass. (Yes, I really did.)

Laura got in on too, and blocked his view of another dog. He wandered off a bit after that and later we saw him in the lower lobby of the hotel where they have the doggie spa and indoor pottying area. (BTW - we cheered when the very picky potty girl decided that it was ok to relieve herself!)

More updates later!


StubbyDog said...

Oh thank dog that miss scout decided to use the potty area. LOL!

I love your comment to the camera guy. *evil laugh* Have fun girls!!

MichaleenFlynn said...

Great! I'm glad you spoiled his shot. But be careful, the PETA stalkers in this town can get threatening and violent.
Better to wait and cross 7th Ave with the Rottie people! LOL