Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Good Day

First of all - BEST SUPERBOWL HALF TIME SHOW EVER! Or maybe I'm just biased because I could sing along with 3 of the 4 songs performed, and will be able to sing the 4th soon because I just ordered the new album from Amazon.

But that's not what I came to post about. I came to brag on my girl Scout, who is finally looking like a real show dog. She showed in Atlanta this weekend, and as usual, she was up against the #1 Cardigan yet again, and as usual, #1 won Saturday and Sunday. (Friday was a complete aberration that I won't go into here, but it was one of those days that really make me disappointed in the whole dog show biz. But again, I digress.)

What was different about this weekend, and what pleased me so much, is that Scout made #1 work for it. She showed so well, and seemed to really enjoy it. Both days, the judges pulled Scout and #1 out to go head to head. And while neither day went our way, I count them as small victories.

I even bought a whole cd of pics to remember it by - here are some of my favorites (Photos by Pet Action Shots):

They also got some pics of Spence on the sidelines. Spencer tested every nerve I had this weekend and I think this pretty much captures him:


Dawn said...

She sure looks great. What did the naughty boy do???

Traci said...

Those are some beautiful shots! I especially love that last movement shot.... LOVELY.

coopercreek said...

Great pics. Spence looks like adorable trouble.

penni said...

Scout is such a lovely girl -- and Spence? Well, he's a boy!

dreameyce said...

Can I custom order a sable/red as pretty as her, with bigger ears from someone? *giggle*

I love the reds/sables. I want a sable as my next Cardi. She's soooo beautiful, I'm always drooling when you post pictures :)

Shades of Gray said...

Those are great photos. Do you know if they have a website? I want to see if they got any of Rush.