Friday, March 13, 2009

Lesson finally learned

Last year, I blogged about our trip to Louisville and about how sick Scout got while she was here. The show vet diagnosed it as hemmoragic gastroenteritis - it had never happened before or since - until we came back to Louisville.

Last night about 10:00 Scout went to the door and started whining to go out. She had diarrhea - yuk. We came back in and she went right to sleep - but woke me up whining to go out 2 hours later. And two hours after that. And two hours after that. When we came back in after the 6 AM run (no pun intended), she threw up.

I got ready to leave to go the the show and went to the store to get pedialyte and chicken broth - but she wanted none of it. I wanted to think that she was feeling better, but by the time it was time for us to show, she was getting sick again on both ends. So we go to the show vet again - the same one who saw us last year.

I told her that this had not happened since we were here last year, and I admitted that I don't ever bring water from home because it has never seemed to bother my dogs. She said it was very likely that there is just something about the water here that does not agree with Scout. (She also made me feel better by saying that she never takes water from home when she travels either - but she does squirt some lemon juice in the water which appears to neutralize the issue.)

So - I spent another day watching Scout sleep at the dog show. Tonight she appears to be fine. She had a light dinner of rice (which I picked up at the Chinese restaurant down the street), canned chicken and pedialyte. And yes - I picked up a gallon of distilled water for her to drink for the rest of the trip. Lesson learned.

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StubbyDog said...

:( I'm sorry she got so sick! Again. Interesting about the lemon juice.