Saturday, March 14, 2009

Things to add to the dog bag

How many dog bags do you have? I have two - the grooming bag and the performance bag. The grooming bag has all the stuff that I hardly ever use anymore, since I don't show Scout personally any more. It has all the stuff to pouf out or slick down or cover up. The performance bag has the six foot rally leash, the obedience leash, the agility slip leash, the dumbbell and the treats for the dog and the peppermints for the nervous handler. There is also a smaller bag with the doggie first aid kit - including the vomiting and diarrhea meds that I started carrying after last year's experience previously described. I just move this bag between the grooming and performance bags depending on what we are doing that trip.

However, since Scout was with her handler this weekend and Spencer wasn't in performance while I get over this bum foot injury, no bag came with us this weekend, which means I was completely unprepared for this weekend's experience.

So - obviously I just need a bigger all purpose dog bag (the APDB) that should just stay in the car. The stuff I took a picture of above would also be handy things to have along, as this is what Scout has been living off of. I am not a big fan of Minute Rice for human consumption, but I must admit these little cups are pretty handy for a dog meal.

So - what else are the essentials for the APDB?


penni said...

The little individual containers of saline (without preservatives) for washing out eyes if necessary. They're great for people too.

coopercreek said...

Probably more for the medical bag- hydrogin peroxide for those cases where you have to induce vomitting. I had to do that when my Cooper swallowed a 4 inch tail off a toy before I could grab it from him.

I always take water from home when we go on trips. It's a pain, but my husband has gotten sick while we were on vacation from drinking the tap water. So, I go ahead and do it for the dogs as well.

Glad to hear that Scout is better now.