Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cardi Claus's Travels

Well - I hope everyone had fun with the Cardi Claus exchange. We had a few packages go astray, and other situations where life just got in the way and delayed deliveries a bit, but I think generally things went well.

Cardi Claus made an unscheduled trip to my house as well - thanks Taryn for the picture frame ornament and ceramic tag which looked alot like a little red girl I know.

Here is a map of how the cardi love went back and forth across the country:


coopercreek said...

Thanks for organizing this, Janet. It was a lot of fun. I wondered if you were participating as well. So, how many cardi-lovers in all participated in the Cardi Claus fun? It was hard to tell from the map, but looked like a lot. Merry Christmas! Laura & Cooper

penni said...

Cardi Claus was a bright spot in our crazy lives. Thanks, Janet. Too bad about California!

Taryn said...

Cute map! Thanks again for organizing!