Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Trip to MD part one

As you may have seen on Taryn's blog, last weekend we loaded up my Element with 3 women (Laura, Cheryl and moi) and 7 dogs (Laura's 5 puppies, Scout and Spencer) and trekked to Maryland to visit Shirley Hobbs.  It's about a 600 mile trip each way - we drove up on Thursday and back on Sunday.  In between, we talked and laughed and ate and drank wine and visited with friends and played with little dogs and big dogs and just generally had a fine time.  We also spent lots of time looking through Shirley's amazing collection of Cardigan memorbilia - years worth of Handbooks, Bulletins and a now-defunct quarterly magazine called "Cardi Faire."

Friday afternoon, Cheryl went into groomer mode and started washing dogs left and right.  Spencer had a Christmas Party date this week, so he became one of her victims.

It seemed like he spent most the weekend sitting up, working it.

Taryn had fun with the puppies and got some great shots of them - check out her blog.

Spence and Scout take a break.

Saturday night we went out for some Maryland crab cakes and enjoyed the Christmas lights on the way.

More pics to follow.

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Ebonwald Cardigans said...

hey is Cheryl the one who embroidered those polo shirts and sweatshirts for the national? email me at gramsay@arvig.net as I have a question to ask her :) thanks!