Saturday, December 26, 2009

Too quiet at my house

This picture is tugging at my heart.  Cheryl sent it today - she is housesitting in Franklin (about 2 hours away from me) for friends out of town for the holidays, and Scout and Spencer are hanging with her while I have been traveling back and forth across the state.

I thought the timing was perfect for this - Scout is getting her hips checked on Monday by a vet in Franklin who is known for being the go-to guy on getting the best possible film for OFA.  Our family vet did the films on her original test, which came back "fair."  I want Dr B to take a look and see if he thinks that is accurate.

So, I pick the dogs up Monday after I meet Cheryl at the vet - which means that I have two nights home alone - not sure I can stand it!

Scout has spent a fair amount of time away this year as she has been out showing a good bit.  I always miss her terribly, but it is spelled somewhat by the fact that I always have Spencer home with me.

Cheryl sent this picture along and said "See - Spencer is making himself at home" thinking this would make me feel better.  This is not how I see this picture - I see my momma's boy waiting at the door to me to come bring him home!!

We'll see what tomorrow brings - will I be able to resist trucking over there tomorrow to bring him home and them making another trip on Monday to get Scout???

BTW- I had this incredibly wacky dream last night that I was at a dog show. Jeri (of Allegro Cardigans) and her sister were dressed up like Ninja warriors and were doing all this Matrix-like fight exhibitions all over the show site.  Wonder what I ate that caused that???


penni said...

It is hard having the dogs away. Might be worth the trip to get Spencer. The dream -- it might not be what you ate, rather something that Jeri and her sister ate :)

Jeri said...

Wow! Who knew I had that kind of moves in me. :P

Janet said...

I seemed go be only one who was surprised.

Lybertygirl said...

Hmmm Jeri as a ninja warrior at a show site....wonder who was judging cardigans .....
Spencer sure looks like he's waiting for you. Bet if the door was open he'd be staring out it.

RegentCardis said...

Sounds like the kind of dreams I have after having pizza for dinner. :)