Monday, May 31, 2010

Long Weekend coming to an end - and so is the Giveaway!

This has been a fun long weekend - started out Thursday night - Laura came to visit and we had dinner and went to see Sex and the City2 with a a bunch of squealing women.  Entertaining, but not great cinema, and I think we can say the franchise has officially jumped the shark.

Friday morning - we went to the vet and confirmed what I had been suspecting but not talking about - Scout is not pregnant.  Not sure why - probably bad timing, trying to get her bred around all the hustle and bustle of going to the specialty.  One thing we know is that it was not Lego's fault - he bred a bitch the week before and she is pregnant.  Disappointed, but we will try again in the fall, which truthfully should be a much better time for me, work-wise.

We buried our blues by shopping until we dropped.  So worn out, Laura just decided to stay another night.  Saturday the painters showed up and did a great job on painting the rest of the house and taking care of a few little carpentry needs around here.  They finished up this morning and I am very pleased with the results.

It's a rainy afternoon, and the all day "Hoarders"  marathon on A&E has inspired me to get back on the clearing out the basement project.

Hope everyone else is having a good weekend, and don't forget to entry the CSN Stores Giveaway before midnight tonight!!


penni said...

Darn! I was really looking forward to seeing Scout babies (as I know were you). It'll happen next time. I think I entered the give away already, but if not, please enter me.

StubbyDog said...

Bummed about Scout. :( Sounds like I'll barely recognize your house after all this! :)

Anonymous said...

Bummer for you! Maybe Scout just doesn't want to be preggers in the summer, hopeful for next time.