Sunday, May 2, 2010

What I found when I got home

Not great, but not as bad as it could be.

The deck rail was torn off, but the deck floor survived. The gate to
the back yard also gone, but I have rigged an ex-pen to secure the
dogs from escaping the back yard. Gutters are also torn from the
corner of the house.

The good news? The pod is unharmed and the structure of the house is
fine. I was already planning to replace the gutters and the back
gate, which was rickety anyway. Now my good friends at Farm Bureau
will do it for me!


RegentCardis said...

Yay! Glad to hear that you made it home safely and things weren't as bad as you thought they could be. :)

penni said...

It looks like such a mess, but sounds relatively minor. I'm glad the house is standing and that you and the dogs arrived there safely.

Taryn said...

I was worried about you getting home safely. Glad to hear there was not alot of damage and that you and the puppers are safe!

Lani said...

Whew! Glad things aren't too bad. May things go smoothly for you as you deal with insurance companies and contractors.

Shep said...

Oh wow... how scary. Glad everyone's all right, and that you and the dogs are safe and home. :)

Dawn said...

Glad you are safe and that he damage is workable. It will be lovely when its all refreshed.

Crazy Cardiness said...

Glad you and the dogs made it home safely! Looks like the mess will be some work but at least its not bad damage!

Claire said...

Great news. Glad to hear that you had good and safe trip to TN. Also glad that property damage is minimal and easily (relatively) remedied. Good luck with your pals at the Farm Bureau.