Friday, October 22, 2010

That Miracle-Gro is something!

The other day I reported that we were watering and fertilizing this:

And look what is in the cave now:
Obviously, I have not made much progress this week on the ceiling, and time is catching up with me.  Handsome floor man will be here Monday to do his thing, and I have to spend the weekend playing Trophy Chair at my club's obedience trial. 


penni said...

It's going to be great. I hope to visit it in person when it is time to play with my grandpups (fingers crossed).

Dawn said...

Wow! I have never had it work that well for me! It is looking good, if it takes a few days longer it will be worth it. Enjoy the weekend.

Jeri said...

It looks wonderful Janet! When are we having a party to break it in? ;)

Ann said...

I'm enjoying watching your cave come to light. :) I built my cave outside around the new jacuzzi. Life is good.