Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just what I needed on a rainy travel day!

An unscheduled Cardi Claus visit!

Thanks to Laura M and Cooper! I stopped at the post office on my way to the airport this morning to pick up a parcel that the letter carrier didn't want to leave in the rain. And what to wondering eyes should appear! Two cute ornaments including a playful red cardi (who is much more svelte than the one living with me now!!)


penni said...

Oh that little red Cardi is cute -- kind of reminds you of how Scout looked pre-preggers.

coopercreek said...

Glad to see that you enjoyed your "surprise" cardi claus package. Saw that red cardigan ornament and immediately thought of Scout.

Mailed my regular cardi claus package on the same day, but that person won't get their package for a few more days. Since it weighed more, I sent it parcel post.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Our Cardi Claus package came today. Thank you for making this possible.
In spite of the fact that Buddy had other plans, we had a lot of fun!
Becky & Buddy