Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for Cardi Claus!

Be sure to sign up by 6pm EST tomorrow (Monday) for Cardi Claus!  We've already got a great group of old and new friends who are excited to find out who they will be putting surprises together for!  Feel free to blog, FB or email to others who might be interested.  Details here.

I have been a bit out of touch for several days.  Work deadlines, one of those birthdays that ends in "0" and trying to get the cave finished up and the rest of the house in shape for the Thanksgiving onslaught has kept me hopping.  Also stopping every few minutes to ask Scout, "Are you pregnant?"  I will probably go for an ultrasound the end of next week, because she's not saying much- altho she did throw up a couple of days ago, which is very unusual for her.


Lani said...

Happy belated birthday! Did your co-workers get the age right this time? :)

coopercreek said...

Oh, I had one of "those" birthdays this year. I wished you HB on FB, but HB again here. :-)) Fingers and toes crossed for Scout.

Anonymous said...

Scout is being evil! Lindy was too then all of a sudden there was no doubt. Hope she reveals all soon.