Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Should we let Cardi Claus out of the dog house again this year?

Anyone interested in playing Cardi Claus again this year?  If you missed it, last year we had an ornament/goodie exchange.  A bunch of folks let me know they wanted to play, and I had fun playing matchmaker.  The idea was to share a little holiday cheer with a blogger friend - we had packages that went all across the country:

So - if you are interested in playing this year, there are a few rules.  Unfortunately, last year there were a few players who signed up, and even received packages, but didn't hold up their end of deal.  So, if you want to join in, please commit to following these few rules:

1.  Email me at with your name, address, and a little about you and your pack.  Have your email to me by 6:00 pm on Monday, November 15. 

2.  I will email back to you the name and info of your Cardi Claus pal no later than November 17.  I will try to mix things up so that the person who receives your name is not the same person that you will play Cardi Claus for.

3.  Ok - here's the big thing, so big I am going to bold and italicize:  You commit to getting your Cardi Claus package in the mail by Monday, December 1.  This will ensure that everyone gets to enjoy their Cardi Claus booty during prime celebrating time!

There is no upper or lower limit on what you decide to do as far as gift giving.  The fun in this is sharing fun and holiday spirit with another friend across the miles. 

Have I left anything out?  Let's play!

Feel free to re-post.


penni said...

Elyan people and puppies are definitely in -- we loved our surprise from Laura last year -- and had fun selecting presents for Lani and the trio of trouble.

Crazy Cardiness said...

I think Cardi Claus needs to come through FL this year! Count me and the Raglan crew in this year!

Holly said...

Oh yes! I was hoping you would do this again! Count Luther & the Visions pack in.

Taryn said...

I'm in too! I'll send you an "official" email to your posted email address.

Thanks for organizing this again this year!

Boo21's Mom said...

OK--I'm in, too, because Taryn told me about the fun. I'll follow up with the proper email. How fun!

Anonymous said...

We heard about this on Darby's Daily! Buddy and I would like to join the fun too! We sent our email!