Saturday, May 7, 2011

Long time no post

It's just been busy around here.  As usual, the first month of a quarter was just as hectic as ever.  Also had friends and family visiting, the big weather event, the royal wedding, NBA playoffs - let's see - what other excuses can I make?

Anyway, I am here to report that the CrateMate 2.0 is now a sight to behold. 

A new platform that holds two so-called "SUV crates" - 36 inch crates just a smidge narrower than standard (which of course makes them more expensive) so that two will fit side by side, and have doors on both ends.  The platform is a little taller and wider giving more storage area below.

Spencer and Scout have always traveled together in the same crate, so now they get to play rock-paper-scissors to see who gets the crate all to themselves.

For comparison, here is CrateMate 1.0:

And I'll try to do better posting.  I still owe Ocho updates on Lowri and Sally.  Of course, Lowri has her own blog.  Poor Sally, the third child - I just don't get around to making pictures like I used to.  I will try to do better.


penni said...

I also invested in the Precision Pro 19" x 30" crates -- why does two inches narrower make the crate cost more? Bewildering . . . but I sure love the storage space under the platform.

We do need some photos of Sally. I swear the last I saw were of her wrestling at the convocation. I just assume she is cute and smart like the rest of the Ocho.

Cheryl said...

We want photos! We want photos! Okay, that's my chant for the day. Seriously, need a sister fix--HEY, the same goes for Ginger, Kathy!