Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sally Shots

OK - I finally recharged the battery on camera and snapped a few pics of Sally-wags last night.

Sally and Mama lounging before bedtime:

I want all the bones!

Love me some breakfast:

And this one is for Taryn, who is always amazed that Spence and Scout eat side by side. They don't even mind when the other sticks his/her nose into her/his bowl for the last bites. I am blessed. And lucky.


Cheryl said...

YAY! Sally photos! What BONE she has! Yes, food is a common love among the sisters, I've heard. Yes, I find it amazing that Scout and Spencer will eat that close to each other--but then Chase lets Treasure come scout out his bowl while he's eating and I've seen her help herself at times. I try to discourage that by Treasure as she gets PLENTY out of her own bowl, she doesn't need to steal from the Chaseman. Thanks for the photos!

Builder Mama said...

Silly old Sally-Wags! She is such a cutie!

penni said...

She's very cute, Janet. It looks like your little pack is melding well. We need more photos and video and some stacked shots so we can see how she's growing. Of course, that can all be done in your spare time.

Boo21's Mom said...

Add me to the amazed-by-eating-well-together side with Taryn. Pumpkin and Darby don't do so well. They eat in the same room, at least! But on opposite sides of the room.