Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up - First Dog Show in 10 months!

Heidi and I loaded up the Element and my new little "Cardi Party Wagon" and headed up to Richmond VA this past weekend.

Mama Scout and Sally in one crate, Papa Rush and Alley in the other. Uncle Grump Spencer reclined on his (my) king sized tempurpedic pillow right behind the front seats - he loves being the special boy.

On Saturday, Miss Sallywags picked up her first CH point. She also came home from the show with a new tag for her crate, her very own Show Octopus, and a very blingy new show lead.  Mama Scout was BOB, too.

After showing Saturday morning, Ann Taylor graciously invited all of the cardi folks to her home for lunch and cardi play time.  We got to spend time with representatives of the Red Horde, an international man of mystery, "Dwayne" and JF, and their respective people.

Sunday was Rush's day to shine and boy, did he - with a Group 4 placement.  (Also congrats go to Dewi (Dwayne's alter ego) who earned his CGC certification at the show!)
And as usual, we always find a way to enjoy the local fare when we travel to shows.  Saturday we had a fantastic dinner at Pescados, a latin-caribbean seafood restaurant.  On Sunday, we hit the Edelweiss Restaurant in Staunton VA on the way home, a place I have always wanted to visit - wonderful home-style german food and charming as all get-out.

We made it home today, and got a chance to rest up a bit before heading back to work tomorrow.  Oh how I have missed going to dogshows!  Don't forget to sign up for Southaven MS shows - they close on Wednesday!


Lani said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Was it good to be back at the shows?

Taryn said...

You know you are a big dogshow enthusiast when you have to add a trailer for all the "stuff"!

Sounds like a great weekend! You were so close yet just far enough to be a long drive, as Anne's house is a good three hours from me. Wish I could have been there to visit with everyone!

Builder Mama said...

If I haven't already said it a million times, it was wonderful to see you and Heidi last weekend! Nick is already asking when he can play with Alley and Sally again!

penni said...

It was a good weekend for all. We're proud of the dogs and glad you were able to find a couple of not-fast-food places to eat good food.

SMShields said...

Sounds like you all had a blast. So nice that you shared BOB with Heidi (G). Glad you got home safely.

dreameyce said...

I love that trailer, and you may have just solved my dilemma with the Tribute, as it may be more cost effective to do it that way, unless I end up getting a small camper....

Dog show addiction... where to put all the junk! heehee

Elizabeth said...

Great to see you again and so thrilled to have gotten to see Scout, Sally and Rush compete.

Thanks also for the mention. Dewi is, of course, oblivious. :)

Janet said...

Lani - yep!

Taryn - we hope to get back to West Friendship in October.

Emily - I found it at Lowes!