Friday, June 17, 2011

Sally's Beach Report

From Sally:

Hey everybody! I see now why that lady I live with was so excited about going to the beach! It is really fun. We go to the beach every morning and late afternoon when it is not so hot. We run and play in the water. Sometimes the water chases us, and sometimes it runs away from us. I try to catch the birds that are flying low over the water. I haven't caught one yet, but I have one more day to try.

We are always on our flexi leads on the beach, because that's the law, but sometimes we see other dogs breaking that law, in particular this one German Shepherd Dog who is staying at a house right on the beach. His people just let him do whatever he wants, and whenever he sees us, he wants to run up where we are.

As you may know, my Uncle Grump has "issues" with GSDs. This goes way back when a crazy GSD tried to get our lady, and Uncle Grump didn't like it one bit. Ever since, he thinks all GSDs are up to no good.

Yesterday we were walking towards the water, that GSD came up behind us. We all decided to protect our lady so we all ran back to try to get to him. In the process of doing this, we managed to wrap our flexible leads all around our lady's legs. Of course, we were barking very loud and she was yelling at the GSD's people to come get their dog. About that time, there was a large gust of wind that blew somebody's big beach umbrella right on our lady.

This caused her to yell out a pretty ugly word for all to hear. A man came and got the umbrella and asked her if she was ok. Finally a woman came and got the GSD, but for some reason, she didn't feel like she needed to say anything to our lady. We finally got ourselves untangled and went on to have fun playing in the water. Today we did not see the GSD - we hope he went home.

We only have one more day here - it has gone by so quickly!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow. Some people are so irresponsible with their dogs and the responsible people always pay.

My heart stopped when you talked about the flexi on the beach and wrapped around you. Last year that happened to me when I was wearing shorts. I ended up with a full thickness rope burn and a 5 inch scar across my shin. It was nasty. I hope you didn't get anything like that.

RegentCardis said...

That's terrible. I am always amazed at how many people do not keep their dogs under control. I have several on my street, including a pit bull. They scare me so much that I am to the point where I hardly take my dogs for a walk any more. I hope the rest of your day improved after that.

Red Dog Mom said...

Dear Sally:

Your Auntie Ann would agree with Uncle Grump about GSDs, she's not fond of them either. Glad the encounter turned out ok and that you still like going to the beach. Your great aunt Georgia and great uncle Bogey are at the beach now too. Lucky dogs.

SMShields said...

Dear Sally, Thanks for the beach report. I hope I get to go some day. I LOVE playing in the water! I hope you, Mama and Uncle Grump scared the bad dog away! I hope G'ma is okay. Have a safe trip home. Love, Lowri

Cynthia said...

Oh, Sally! You are so sweet and brave to protect Janet from that GSD!!! Daisy said to tell that trio of terrible Corgis "Hello!" We had a great time at the beach:)

Lani said...

Sally is such a cutie! And GRRR to the German Shepherd, and it's owner.