Monday, June 20, 2011

The Spookiest House on the Bay

These pictures were shot from the back deck of our vacation house in Fort Morgan AL. Our house had decks on both the east and west side - almost all day one or the other had a delightful breeze and view.

This house, however, kind of skeeved me. Is it not the spookiest looking thing?

(These pictures are actually a bit misleading - the house looks like it is in a fog, but actually the fog was on my camera lens - after I brought it out of the air conditioned house to the high humidity outside. But I think the fog just illustrates how creepy this place was.)

One thing that was strange about this house was how it changed colors during the day. In the morning, it was a yellow-y beige, but in the late afternoon and evening, it turned gray.

One night I noticed that there was a sign over the front porch which I figured was the name of the house.  (The name of our happy house was "You are My Sunshine" which was a perfect name for it.)

There was a pair of binoculars in the house, so I got them to see if I could read the name.  It was . . . .

"Journey's End."    How creepy is that???


Taryn said...

That's definitely not your run-of-the-mill name for a beach house!

Cynthia said...

Do I hear the music from "Psycho?"

Elizabeth Keene said...

Yes, it's a little Beetlejuice-esque. :)