Monday, July 18, 2011

Home Again

Chattanooga traffic was a beast tonight. Major arteries shut down by two wrecks and road constuction. Side roads (i.e., paved goat trails) clogged by drivers who idled their gas away. The last 10 miles of our trip took over an hour.

But overall, it was a great weekend. Laura and I drove over to Southaven MS for a show. Heidi met us there Saturday morning. Lots of old and new friends were there, including Betty and Ted, owners of the Intrepid Tommy of the Ocho.

Sally had a big weekend, picking up two 4-point majors. Scout picked up a Group 2 and 9 more Gch points. Tommy and Betty had lovely showings - his points will come in due time. Up in Michigan, lovely littermate Ginger went to her first show and got a 3 pt major, making Kathy very proud as well.

I am so proud of all the Ocho. The show dogs have made awesome starts, and all eight are champions of the heart with their great families. I feel very lucky to have had such a fabulous first breeding experience.


Jules said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful weekend for you and your pups.

bluefoxtn said...

Huge, huge, HUGE congratulations (envision me squeeling!!!). That is SOOO awesome on all the kids' parts this past weekend! Sally's wins are awesome, as are Ginger's major AND Tommy's group 4 at the match! How fabulous for everyone! Whoo-hooo!!!!

Builder Mama said...

We are so proud of the Ocho!!! They are really a spectacular group, if I do say so myself! Congratulations on a wonderful weekend.

SMShields said...

Lowri is sooooo envious of all the majors her sister won! Congrats to Sally and Ginger!!! Tommy's group 4 at the match had to make everyone happy. Congrats to Scout on all her GCH points!