Sunday, July 24, 2011

My puppy has springs.

Sally is one bouncy puppy. While we on the dogshow trip to Richmond, she figured out the shortest distance between the two beds was to take flight between them. And she did over and over and over again.

On the next dogshow trip to Southaven, she reprised her act many more times. But today she shocked the heck out of me. I have taught the dogs to "help me" - that's the command when they are getting in their crates in the Element. The put their front paws on the tailgate and I boost them up.

But today went I asked Sally to help, she looked like she was going to do the normal thing, but instead she sprang straight up and landed lightly on the tailgate. Neither Scout nor Spencer have ever thought about doing this. This pup never ceases to amaze me.


penni said...

Keep your head up -- nothing hurts more than when, in the course of helping, they hit you square on the nose. Chase always "helps" and Holmes is now doing the same thing. Even little Nola tries to launch herself up on the table at shows.

SMShields said...

Lowri has been jumping into the minivan for two months now. I was astounded when she leaped into my lap over the side of the recliner! Nice to know that her sister also has springs

Taryn said...

I have a command for help getting in the car as well....Mine is Tooders....meaning put your two front feet up on the bottom door edge so I can pick up the back end!
Wilson, big oaf that he is, can jump up by himself in the back tailgate!

Builder Mama said...

Okay, that face is killing me...that is such a Nicky face! They look at you like "what?"

He is a huge jumper too. On things, off of things, on people, into the car...he's like a little red and white kangaroo!

I just love my Nickybear. I hadn't told you that in a while, but he is just such a sweetheart. I feel so lucky to have him in my life!

Kathy said...

Her sister Ginger counter surfs, never thought I'd have to worry about a cardigan getting things off the counter but now I do. She walks on her back feet and when she see's something interesting she stops, puts her front feet up for balance, pushes off her back feet and grabs with her mouth. So it's seems her sisters and brothers have this talent too.