Thursday, October 9, 2008

Death Knell for Show Frog?

Is Show Frog long for this world? Can he survive yet another surgery? Note the mangled left eye which was the last injury sewn up.

Show Frog came to the family when Scout won her first major in Greenville, SC. Since then, Scout has snuggled with him at many dog shows. He accompanied Scout on her road trip this summer on her tour of dog shows. Cheryl said that Show Frog comforted her as she got acclimated to the life of a traveling show dog.

Tonight I found Show Frog in this state. Is that his windpipe sticking out between his eyes? There are also fluffy frog guts all over my house. As we get ready to head out in the wee hours tomorrow morning to our favorite show in Memphis, I guess I have to add reconstructive surgery to my to-do list.


RegentCardis said...

Poor froggy. I always find it amusing how my cardis can love on a toy for months, then suddenly decide that it is time for it to die.

Good luck in Memphis.

penni said...

My Cardis have the same live or die mentality, but once they have unstuffed a toy and I've retrieved the squeaker, they carry the carcass around for months. I throw them in the washer occasionally (the carcasses -- though I wish I could do that with the dogs), but the dog toy box is full of old friends who've lost their stuffings. They don't seem to love them any less if that's a consolation.