Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Soon to be New Toy

I have been wanting a digital SLR for quite a while. I have done a good bit of cyber-shopping and drop in BestBuy from time to time to play with the display models. Here's the camera I have decided on:

This is the Nikon D60 - a low-to-middle of the line camera, but probably with all the features that I will ever need. Years back I did a good bit of photography - I used Minolta manual cameras, had my own darkroom, and even rolled my own film. I shot in mostly black and white and actually hand-tinted my photographs when I wanted them in color.

Since digital cameras came along, I have had several point and shoots, but have never been very happy with them. For one thing, if I don't have a heavy camera to plop in my left hand while I control it with my right, I can't seem to hold it in such a way as to get a good shot - I tend to wiggle and tip a little camera forward for some reason.

SLRs are finally getting more affordable, and when I found the D60 on sale on Amazon for a hundred bucks cheaper than everyone else, along with free shipping and no sales tax, I jumped on it. (I love Amazon!) We are headed to Memphis for a dog show next weekend - we'll see if my photo quality improves there!


Jeri said...

I have a D70. :) Love it, although I want to get another lens as I'm not thrilled with the kit lens...still takes much better pictures than the point-n-shoots we've had. I don't have experience in the past with manual cameras, so I'm learning as I go.

Hope you love it and have fun!

coopercreek said...

I'm so jealous, but looking forward to seeing all the great photos you take with it! Have fun! :-)