Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday in Memphis

The show changed sites today from the arena in Southaven to Shelby Farms, where conformation is held outside and obedience is in a building a hike away.

Spencer got his 19th rally double q today - not as pretty as yesterday, but both runs in the placement ribbons again. We may run for practice tomorrow, but probably won't. We're planning to finish his RAE2 at our home show next weekend where we have fabulous new title rosettes (it's all about the bling, you know!)

Scout went BOS after showing not terribly well. She rarely shows outside on grass, and she didn't like the heat and she hopped in the grass. On the bright side, breeder-judge Deborah Anthony was very complimentary and said it was a tough decision and could have easily gone the other way.

Spencer was rewarded with 3 runs in the doggie fun zone.

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StubbyDog said...

Good job Spence. Glad that Ms Anthony was complimentary, but darn. :o)