Thursday, January 1, 2009

Whew - a wrap up on a busy holiday season

The holidays are officially over now - back to work tomorrow. The tree is still up and the Lenox Country Holly is still in the kitchen, but I figure I have until Epiphany (Jan 6) to get that cleared out. Tonight is the first time since December 23 that I have not had company in the house and I am enjoying the quiet. Spencer and Scout are enjoying their spots on the sofa and chair again too.

It was fun spending time with loved ones this year in my house for a change. I have the smallest house in the family (and the most dog hair!) so my house is generally not the first pick for get-togethers. My kitchen has had a workout - and I have enjoyed cooking for a crowd.

Life is moving in a little different direction again. On the day after Christmas, Mom moved back to Athens to an assisted living situation. She says she is happier than than she ever would have imagined she could be. She enjoys being back in the same town with her friends who visit often. She already knew several of the residents at Morning Pointe, and she has already made new friends and is enjoying the activities.

While I no longer have daily visits with her, I find that I am worrying twice as much. There are the stresses of dealing with her finances, continued therapy, doctor visits and other necessities of living from fifty miles away. I'm sure in time we will acclimate to the adjustments.

Our next big event to get ready for is Westminster. Scout will probably go out on the road with Cheryl again for a few weeks to get into shape and prepare to show her best at the big show. (didn't I say I would never do that again??) There is a huge entry of Cardigans - twenty! There are only 11 Pems and 8 GSDs - and the only herding breed with more entered are Australian Shepherds with 35.

Happy New Year to everyone - I, for one, am happy to see 2008 in my rearview mirror!


Lybertygirl said...

Enjoy your peace and quiet! LOve the picture of SPencer - what a character!

Jeri said...

Oh I didn't realize miss Scout was going! Awesome, I can't wait to see her in the video. Good luck!