Monday, May 18, 2009

The Other Winner Yesterday

I can't believe I forgot to mention that we had another win in our little pack yesterday!

When we arrived at the CorgiAid Picnic, Spencer made a bee-line for the baby pool where bobbing for hotdogs was taking place. The other dogs around the pool were either gingerly reaching in with a toe and dragging a slice of hotdog to the side where they could fish it out or just saying "thanks, but no thanks."

I had to hold Spencer back until I was sure that what I knew was about to happen would not freak any other dog out. Susie came by and dumped a couple more handfuls of hotdog slices in the pool. Then Spencer jumped all the way in the pool, and demonstrated his impression of swimming pool vacuum.

He dunked his snout right down in the pool and simultaneously blew bubbles out his nose while he was gobbling up the hot dogs in his mouth. In no time he had consumed all of the treats in the pool.

What I didn't realized is that this was a contest, and I was supposed to keep count of how many he ate. Susie came by and asked how many he ate - all I could say was "all of them!" She just shrugged and said - "OK - I declare him the winner" and awarded him his own blue first place rosette.

On another subject - Scout and I went back to agility practice tonight for the first time in over a year, and she did great! She hit every contact and nailed every jump. She is fast and fearless and deserves a better handler than me, but she forgives me. We are going to have to do some remedial weave pole work and remind her that "Table" means get on the table and wait for further instructions - not hop on the table and off the table and back on the table but overall I was thrilled with her.


Claire said...

Loved the description of Spencer as a "swimming pool vaccum."

Sarah said...

OMG, I'm going to have to steal the "and wait for further instruction" line. That's exactly how I need to describe it to Syd... :-) Congrats to Spencer on the contest win. Uncle Gizzer (13 yrs old today!) sez Spencer's just lucky the Giz-man couldn't attend. haaa!