Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wanted: Gently Used Ark

I'm not sure if I just can't remember that it rained this much before our multi-year drought, or if this spring has been particularly wet, but all this rain is wearing me out. If I don't get a chance to mow my yard soon, I'm afraid the powers that be will come and get me. (Maybe I've watched Grey Gardens a few too many times on HBO.)

It's not just my yard. There's a restaurant on a ridge just down the road from me. A couple of years back, they brought in a flock of goats to eradicate the kudzu that was attempting to swallow the place. They were so popular, they kept them around to keep the grass and weeds down. I noticed today that even the goats can't keep up with all the new growth.

Spencer and I went to a little local festival today. (Scout is at a show in Perry, GA today. I just got a text from Cheryl that she went BOB!) There were supposed to be flyball, agility, and obedience demos. They were also going to have an "All Breed" show - just for fun, and Spencer was going to get to play showdog. Last night he got a bath and I trimmed up his paws and did his nails and everything.

Unfortunately, the rain kept us from doing most of this. Much too wet for agility and flyball - but we did do some obedience demos. It was great distraction practice and the few wet people who stuck around seemed to enjoy it. The later it got, the worse the weather was, so they eventually called the thing and everyone went home.


Lybertygirl said...

Save room in the ark for us - Geeeesshhh I am tired of rain!
Congrats on the BOB, keeping my fingers crossed for Sunday!

Sarah said...

Sorry, but there's been a run on used arks up here in Missouri, but we may be able to put them up in storage in a week or two. I've played the "try to keep the mower from stalling" game here for the last several weeks trying to mow the tall-grass prairie. The key is to tilt the front wheels up, move forward and slowly lower it back to the ground, then back up and mow over again to even it up. Very slow going, but the only way I can get through the "pasture" with my mower.

Lani said...

Congrats on another win for Scout - what a lovely girl.

Also, I'm so happy to have found your blog. Now I can keep up with your cardi adventures in between National Specialties!

Claire said...

Congrats on the BOB! In terms of the rain, just put together a "revolutionary outfit for the day" ala Little Edie and you'll feel just fine!