Sunday, May 3, 2009

This and That

Were there any dogs at the Specialty who didn't have their picture made in front of the tulips?

Here's what drove Spencer crazy all day today. Apparently we have baby bunnies in my less than immaculate beds.

I got a little crafty tonight and made postcard thank you notes for the judges. I found this cute ruby slipper fabric at a quilt shop close to the show site. (Laura and I can tell you where the closest quilt shop is to every show site we go to!) The store owner is a pem owner who is thinking of adding a cardi to her pack. We saw her again at the show Saturday.


penni said...

Well, we blew the tulip photo op. The plan was to have Hunter and Alice (the parents) up on the wall, and the four kids that were with us -- Chase, Pilot, Molly and Libby -- below. We'd even lined up extra dog holders. Unfortunately, as the weekend progressed, the schedule became more frantic, and the photo didn't happen -- sigh!

I love the cards you made, and am sure the judges will as well.

Sarah said...

Um, well, we got no photos with the tulips for my dogs. Bad momma...

Love the cards, very cute. I'm sure the judges will love them and show them off.

Dune Cardigans said...

Love the thank you cards! Werent those tulips gorgeous?!! ;)