Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nothing Says Christmas Like Corgis Under a Pink Tree

I found this little metallic pink tree a couple of years ago and had to have it. It's a nice size for my little house too.
I have several ornaments of great sentimental value to me. This yellow angel was a decoration on a gift that was given to me on my first Christmas - and was hung on our tree every year when I was growing up. (She looks good to be 29 years old, doesn't she?? ; ) ) The little elf dates back to first grade. The pink cupcake is new - it was sent to me in the Blogger Ornament Exchange this year.
The vintage striped glass ornament and the pink one in the background are other ones I saved from our old family ornaments. The angel made from a cotton boll reminds me of growing up in the land of cotton. The counted cross stitch ornament was made by Mom - she used to make me a new one every year and put it in my stocking.
Of course, the cardis are represented - that's Scout driving a train, and Spencer is hiding back among the branches.

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coopercreek said...

I love the cardi driving the train ornament.