Wednesday, July 15, 2009

After a long day at doggie day care

This how I find Scout everyday when I pick her up at doggie daycare. They send them to the crate room about 5:30 if the owner has not picked them up. This was Scout at 6:00 when I got there to pick her up.

Now, I didn't just sneak in and make this picture. When I walked in the building, Spencer, in the next crate over, started barking like a maniac. When I walked in the crate room, all the other dogs in there did the same. When I saw Scout asleep all scrunched against the crate door, I went out to the car to get my blackberry, This picture was made after I came back in to the second chorus of barking dogs.

Spencer is wide awake - barking like crazy for me to let him out. It took several shots to get one where his eyes weren't completely scary and blurry from him jumping around the crate. All the other dogs are still going at it as well.

But sleeping beauty is still zonked out.

Now by the time we get home, Scout is ready for her second shift. She is outside patrolling the yard, and probably won't come in until I make her when it gets dark.


Traci said...

she was COMFY, thankyouverymuch! :P Too funny! :) Silly girl!

dreameyce said...

If you breed her, I want a clone.... she's like, the anti-Galaxy ;0P haha

Gosh, I love Scout SO much!

Lybertygirl said...

Poor Scout - You can tell she is one of the terribly abused show dogs, yeah right!

Red Dog Mom said...

There are times when I doubt that Scout and Moira are from the same litter. No way Moira would have slept through all that commotion. She probably would have started it. Patrolling the backyard is definitely on her must do list though. Does Scout bark her fool head off at every bird, bee and butterfly that comes too close to the perimeter too?

Janet said...

I would guess that Scout has spent enough time in crates at noisy dog shows that she has learned to turn it all off when when she wants to snooze. She definitely looks at a crate as her little den and often goes in the one at the house when she wants to take a nap.

Scout does like to bark outside. There is a GSD and a Jack Russell terrorist in the yard just over the hill. They can't see each other, but I swear they bark at each other just to see if the other will respond.

manymuddypaws said...

lol daycare is exhausting- all that running around, barking, wears the best of them out!