Sunday, July 19, 2009

My run-in with the law

Had an odd experience last night. About 10:00, I had a craving for my favorite Sonic Drive-In drink, a diet coke with lime. There's a Sonic just down the street, so I hopped in the Element and took off.

For the few of you out there who have not figured out that the Element is the ultimate dog car, let me explain how perfectly my 36 inch crate, on a platform, fits in the back of the car. There are even tie downs in the ceiling to secure crates. Here's a shot my setup when we were headed home from the 2008 Specialty.

OK - back to my story - I went to Sonic, got my drink at the drive thru, then headed back to the house. I had just settled down to watch a movie when I saw a police car pull up slowly in front the house. He shines a spotlight down my driveway, then backs up and pulls in my driveway.

I jumped up and turned on the porch light and opened the front door as the officer comes up on the porch. Of course, Spencer and Scout are going ballistic. I go out on the front porch and the officer says, "Maam, do you have a small child in this house?" I say no, and then he asks, "Were your dogs in that cage in your car when you went to Sonic?" Again, I said no and I'm sure I was looking at him with a very strange look on my face.

Then he asked, "Is there a doll in the cage?" I said no, but there is a frog and a tomato in there. Thinking back, that that must have sounded odd. (Those familiar with us know that Showfrog is our faithful travel companion. The stuffed tomato was a prize Scout won at an agility trial, and it stays in the crate as well.) He said that they had received a call that I had been driving with a child in the cage and he had to check it out.

By this time I am headed towards the car to open the hatch and show him what was in there. Of course, the car was locked and I didn't grab my key on the way out, but he shined his flashlight in and was satisfied that I was not some crazy lady hauling kids around in my "cage." Ok - he probably still thought I was crazy, but not criminal. He apologized and left.

For him, this was probably just another Saturday night. For me, it was a bit unsettling. For minute there I thought I might need to call Penni to my defense and hope that Laura would be writing my pre-sentencing report.


Jeri said...


Although I confess there may be times when I wish I could put the children in a cage...but not in the car. That's what carseats are for. *shrug*

Unknown said...

Oh, the thoughts that are swimming through my head. I could have got myself in trouble with that one.

penni said...

I'm not laughing, I'm not laughing . . . Bwaaahaha!

You're just lucky it wasn't one of our 22 year old bully cops who would have felt compelled to push you up against the car, do Field Sobriety Tests, and take Showfrog and Tomato apart to make sure they didn't contain contraband.

But, it all worked out. Breathe a deep sigh of relief and roll yourself a joint.

dreameyce said...

I was JUST about to say what Jeri said!!! I don't put Dea in a crate, but damn, sometimes I'd like to! ROTF!

Penni's joint comment also made me LOLs. We're bad humans. BAD! *giggle snort*

Sarah said...

Oh dear, Janet. I can't decide whether to laugh or remain speechless. OK, i guess I'll laugh. But I am sorry because I know it must have been unsettling at the time.

Holly said...

I am laughing with you.

Poor Showfrog and Tomato.

Lybertygirl said...

Don't worry - Janet - I'll come post your bail!

Ellie said...

Hi Janet! I've been "stalking" the corgi blogs for quite some time now and stumbled across a link to your blog. It is so nice to have a fellow corgi enthusiast in Chattanooga! I just wanted to introduce myself (we have a 3 yr old Pembroke named Blue). I can totally identify with your post! Blue rides in the back of my little VW Rabbit hatchback and often smiles and flirts with the people in the car behind me when we go for our short drives to the dog park or to daycare. I've actually had many a police officer do a double take when Blue's little head pops up. I can only imagine how unsettling your whole experience must have been! (LOL - one of the reasons I'm not planning on having kids is that you CAN'T put them in crates!)

Lani said...

How unnerving! I'm glad all is well, that no toys were harmed in the process, and that you were able to find the humor in the situation so quickly!

Traci said...

Good goly, I'm sorry about your run in with the local authorities!!!!

I didn't know you were an Element folk too!

I'm interested in the design of your platform for the back... i'm gathering ideas and seeing what works for me... I need to get something going, but I just haven't....

(oh, and I must know more about ShowFrog!!!)