Monday, October 19, 2009

Back in the saddle again

This was one of those Mondays when you look forward to getting back to work so you can recover from the weekend.

Not that I am complaining!  (Except for the normally 50 minute trip to Mom's which took 3 hours yesterday.  Why?  Because TDOT shut the interstate down to one lane in an area that has been under construction FOREVER for no apparent reason.  No workers working, just a bunch of orange barrels blocking a lane that had been perfectly fine for travel earlier in the week.  It looked like by the time I came back through last night they had reopened the lane.  But as usual, I digress.)

I would have liked to have been able to be in two places at once this weekend.  Spencer and I had fun at our club's obedience trials.  It did my heart good to be around performance people.  Conformation shows by their nature have a way to bring you down sometimes.  I just so enjoyed the camaraderie - folks cheering and supporting one another.  This was especially true around the rally ring - say what you will about rally - no, it's not as hard as regular obedience, yes - an experienced handler can lead a green dog to a title in a couple of weekends - but folks just have so much fun with it!

And then 120 miles away, Miss Scout and Cheryl were pulling off back to back Group Ones.    I was just pleased as punch for both of them - happy that we had judges who appreciated Scout and happy Cheryl got to take her in the BIS ring before her hometown crowd.  It was really a thrill getting to be there Saturday to see it.

Thanks to everyone who have sent along congratulations.


penni said...

But -- you have such terrific events from which to recover! Congratulations again. Maybe you can catch a nap at your desk.

Taryn said...

Sounds like a darn good weekend!

coopercreek said...

Janet, Congrats on the back to back Group Ones. Yea!!! Go Team Scout!!!!

Lani said...

What a great weekend. Congrats to you & the pack, Janet!

Traci said...

Congrats on a wonderful weekend all the way around!!!:)