Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hormones are raging at my house

Of the canine variety, that is.  Scout is, ummm, how to say this delicately.  In college, we just shortened it to "h".  That's it - Scout is h.  Actually she is capital H.  She wants a boyfriend soooo badly. 

And poor Spencer, who was neutered at 6 months, has absolutely no idea why his adopted sister will not leave him alone. 

I just whispered to her - "baby girl - just get through this one.  Next time this rolls around, we will find you a boyfriend."


Red Dog Mom said...


Your Auntie Ginny says that having a "boyfriend" isn't always the great thing everyone says it is. Depending on who your boyfriend is, it might be a long-distance relationship - and that's no fun at all for you. As always seems to be the case, the guy gets to have a good time, regardless (Grandpa Sam says "YEAH!")
Just relax, it will be over soon :)

Sarah said...

As Syd said after her "dates" with the FedEx boxes, "This date sucks." Here she was having to get a bath and nails done, and she thought she might get a free dinner out of the deal. But then we were off to the vet and the table, and, well, she just repeats that it sucked... But, after all is said and done, we have just a few more agonizing days to know if it was all worth it. A few days that will surely never pass!

Dawn said...

Scout, having that date while its fun for the moment, or 3, isnt so much fun later. First you gets fat, really fat.Then you have to get em all out, not as easy as it sounds. then after they come out they get teeth and they bite your sensitive spots, and if your really unlucky, (like me) a couple of them stick around amnd make your life miserable! Mine are tearing around the house again! Stay a maiden girl, as long as your can. Grace and your two horrible neices, Siren and Peace

Jeri said...

Lizzie has always been a hussy when it comes to her housemates, but she wanted nothing to do with her intended. LOL!

Poor Scouty Scout. I'm not sure there's a boy out there beautiful enough for you.