Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bark in the Park Event

It's a perfect fall day in southeast Tennessee today. Dogs love the cool morning. Scout loves that it's Saturday and she is not on a grooming table, although she was on a table ably representing Cardigandom in the "Meet the Breeds" presentation.

Spencer showed off a bit in agility. I had not planned to run him but most of the real agility people are sick with the flu. He did great considering he has not done it in over a year - a perfect run and even hit an offside weave entrance, which he has rarely ever done.


penni said...

Good for you -- letting people meet out dogs is the best. The people who have Kip want to know why "No one ever told them about this breed" -- so, meet the breed events are important for us.

Enjoy your non-show weekend.

Jeri said...

Hope you had fun! Loving the weather, sigh. It's supposed to rain again this week *cry*.