Thursday, October 29, 2009

What I'll be doing while the rest of you are having fun at the Specialty - or How to break into an Element

I couldn't decide what to title this post, so I used both thoughts which are about as disjointed as I am right now.

Did you know that this is the last week of the first month of a quarter?  Why would you?  I do because it is the busiest week of the quarter for me.  I won't go into the gory details as I don't want to be dooced, but suffice it to say that these are the times that make the rest of the year seem like a walk in the park.  (On the other hand, Dooce makes a living by posting silly pictures of her dog on the internet . . . . . . , but as usual, I digress.)  Anyhow - six months from now many of you will be having fun at the Specialty and I'll be doing this again.

The last two weeks have been a string of 10 - 12 hour workdays.  Scout's in season, so no doggie daycare, and the two of them have had a lot home alone time.  We're showing in Knoxville this weekend, so I decided to go ahead and take Scout to Cheryl's - she can take care of the bath and nails, and I can let Spencer go to day care and not feel so guilty about being gone from home so much.

So last night I left work about 7:00, went home and loaded up the dogs and headed to Cheryl's, about an hour and a half away.  Laura lives in the same town, so I stopped by and picked her to before going to Cheryl's.  We got to her house and went inside to visit, leaving the dogs in the car.  Usually, I will open the hatch door for the dogs, but it was a cool evening so I wasn't concerned.  After we chatted a bit, I said that I needed to get going because I had another long day ahead. 

We went out to get Scout, and when I tried to open the hatch, it was locked - so were the other doors.  Ok - guess where the keys were - yep - in the console. Now I have been driving that car 3 years, and I had come to believe that Hondas were idiot-proof as far the door locks went.  I have no idea how the doors locked. 

There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth on my part.  I asked Laura for the name of a parolee who knew how to break in a car, but she couldn't come up with one - but she did save the day with a coat hanger, two bamboo sticks and a roll of duct tape.  An hour later we got away and I got the chance to play with Laura's puppies for a few minutes before heading back over the mountain to home.


Lybertygirl said...

Wow - you made me sound like MacGyver!

penni said...

Well, that's scary -- I thought as long as the keys were in the car (you have keyless entry?) that it wouldn't lock. Now I'm paranoid!

I'm sorry about the insane schedule -- that's how it is when I go to trial. It is microcosmic and envelopes all. All I can wish you is survival.

Laura should have a client that could have handled the problem for you -- but then he/she would know where Cheryl lives.

Holly said...

We did leave the car running with the AC on and locked this summer... but we had two sets of keys. Had to manually lock doors when we did this. It was not an easy process.

I did leave my tailgate open all night last night and woke at 6 am to find my dome light on. *knocks head against wall* Went out to start her up and she turned right over! Good Ele! A new battery from AAA a month ago also helped I think.

Taryn said...

Well, I've had the dogs lock my car from the inside before by stepping on the lock (they also know how to open the windows when the car is running!)....were yours crated? Also, with the old dash light problem you had, maybe the car has picked up another bad habit!

Claire said...

Arrgh! What a day (or series of days). Glad it all turned out well.

Dawn said...

Oh my, has Laura been taking lessons from her clients? LOL. Glad it worked out and everyone was safe and OK! However, I just cant believe that those really smart Cardis couldnt figure out how to open the doors for you.

Janet said...

The dogs were locked up in their crate. Can't leave Spencer uncrated in the car - he'd crank it up and drive off!!

Traci said...

What likely happened is that one of the dogs came up to the front and locked the door - or at least that's whats happened to me... thankfully for me my windows were halfway down so we could reach in (thank goodness for tall friends) and unlock the door. Chance likes to hop in front and honk the horn of my Element too... super cute. NOT.
Glad alls well that ends well!